Vagisil Internal ProHydrate Gel 8g

0.5 kg

You can have the most loving relationship, but if you experience vaginal dryness what starts as a dryness problem can become a relationship problem.
Now Vagisil¨ ProHydrate¨ Internal Hydrating Gel relieves vaginal dryness so you can enjoy your intimate life at any moment.
The unique bio-adherent formula coats the vaginal wall and slowly releases moisture over time to relieve vaginal dryness so you can feel comfortable and ready whenever the moment is right.
Contains ProHydate¨ Complex a unique blend of moisturisers including Hyaluronic Acid which feels like your own natural moisture.
The single-use pre-filled applicator inserts effortlessly and targets the source of dryness.
Relieves vaginal dryness for more comfortable intimacy, Bio-adherent formula with gradual release, With ProHydrate complex, Feels like your own natural moisture, Gynaecologist tested
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