Unique Party Hot Pink Honeycomb Ball Garland 7ft

0.5 kg

Dress up any girlÕs special celebration with this charming Hot Pink Honeycomb Ball Garland. Featuring vibrant tissue paper balls, this paper garland is an ideal decoration for a princess party, bridal shower, Valentines party, hen party or girl's birthday party. Simply drape this paper decoration across display tables, attach to walls or archways, or hang above a party table to add eye-catching colour to the celebration. For even more impact, combine it with other hanging tissue paper decorations to create a stunning floating ceiling effect or impressive display wall. Each of the individual paper honeycombs includes a small adhesive strip in the centre so that they can be easily unfolded.Ê

¥ 1 Hot Pink Tissue Paper Garland

¥ Garland measures 7ft (2.13m) with 11 honeycomb balls each measuring 8cm (3"")Ê

¥ Ideal for decorating a neon birthday party or 80s theme party

¥ Simply hang across a wall, archway or party table Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK