Unique Party Gold Happy Birthday Balloon Letter Banner kit

0.5 kg

Give your best wishes to the guest of honour on their special day with the help of this Foil Gold Happy Birthday Letter Balloon Banner Kit. With 13 letter balloons, a ribbon, and a small plastic straw all included, you'll have all you need to make your birthday celebrations really stand out. To assemble this balloon banner, first insert the plastic straw into the self-sealing tabs on each balloon, and blow into them to inflate. Then, weave the provided ribbon through the tabs at the top of each balloon to create your banner. Finally, hang it on a wall to give any room a little more charm, or use it as a fun prop for a photo backdrop!Ê

¥ 1 Foil Gold Happy Birthday Balloon Banner Kit

¥ Includes 13 letter balloons (each 14""), 1 ribbon (14ft) and 1 straw

¥ Inflate with air only, do not use with helium

¥ Use straw to inflate balloons, then string them onto the ribbon Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK