Unbeelievable Health Bee Prepared Daily Defence Immune Formula Capsules 30 per pack

0.5 kg

Bee Prepared immune formula is an ideal wellness supplement to take daily or as needed. The research based formula is formulated by nutritionists and combines high quality, plant sourced, immune supporting nutrients, all of which have a proven history of benefits. Bee Prepared is unique in that the nutrients it contains are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin, making them the perfect addition to any health regime.

Bee Prepared Daily Defence may be taken daily or as needed- for colds and flu, during allergy season, before and during travel, during intense fitness or sports training or when run down.Ê Bee Prepared daily immune formula is suitable for most ages.

It combines bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, acerola cherry and beta glucans. None of the ingredients over stimulate the immune system as some immune boosting nutrients can so they can be taken daily if desired and are a nourishing and beneficial addition to any daily health regime .

A well functioning immune system helps:
Fight coughs, colds & flu
Reduce hay fever symptoms
Keep illness at bay whilst traveling
Keep acne, breakouts & eczema in check
Maintain wellness during times of stress or exams
Clear toxins faster when detoxing & dieting
Muscle recovery after sports & fitness training
Manage inflammation
Protect skin from oxidative damage from the sun
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Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK