Together Marine Magnesium Capsules 30 per pack

0.5 kg

TogetherÕs Marine Magnesium is made with seawater from the Dead Sea, a giant salt lake renowned for its health-giving properties due to its incredibly high salt and mineral content.ÊÊ
TogetherÕs Marine Magnesium contains all 5 forms of natural marine magnesium: oxide, hydroxide, sulfate, carbonate and chloride. Our bodies are able to recognise minerals with ease when theyÕre taken from natural sources Ð this makes them gentler on the stomach, more easily absorbed and more effective than synthetically made minerals.ÊÊ
Together uses evaporation and natural purification techniques to clean the seawater and gently extract the magnesium, ensuring it is pure and chemical-free.
Country of Origin

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: 1 Vegecap provides on average (NRV):ÊMagnesium 188mg (50%)NRV = Nutrient Reference Values. Country Of Origin: France