Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid 20ml

0.5 kg

Capacity: 20ml

Tipp-Ex Rapid is a premium correction fluid for eliminating errors with excellent solid coverage. Convenient foam applicator for clean accurate corrections. This pack with 1 bottle (20 ml) of solid white fluid is ample for correcting all your mistakes.

This top-quality white liquid offers superior solid coverage and glides on effortlessly. You choose the width of the correction area to cover by angling the bottle's foam applicator. It's perfect for correcting all types of printouts and handwritten notes.

Save time with this formula that dries in an instant on all sorts of paper so you can get back to writing. Not only does the leak-proof stopper keep the fluid nice and fresh, it also unscrews easily without clogging.

Country of Origin
Malaysia Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: Malaysia