Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub 50g

0.5 kg

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub is a soothing cream for use in the case of tensions in the neck and shoulder area. Massaging the rub during application stimulates the circulation and helps the muscles to feel relaxed and revitalised.

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub also leaves a pleasant, invigorating feeling on the skin.

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub is quickly absorbed and non-greasy. Its fragrance has a soothing and revitalising effect.

The rub is ideal for use at home, in the office, or while travelling.
Non-greasy, Absorbs quickly, Soothing fragrance, Helps revitalise tense and stressed neck & shoulders
Country of Origin
Malaysia Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: Malaysia