This Works Evening Detox Spray On Exfoliant 60ml

0.5 kg

An overnight skin brightening tonic to detoxify and defend skin from pollutants, city grime and environmental irritants.Ê Apply one pump to a cotton pad and wipe over well cleansed skin.Ê Ê Efficiently exfoliating Salicylic Acid resurfaces congested skin for a more even skintone while the antioxidants in witch hazel defends against free radicals from pollution particles and calm inflammation.Ê Wake to skin that looks and feels totally revitalised, rejuvenated and fortified.Ê

For a deeper cleanse follow with evening detox clay mask up to twice a week Ð and give your skin a 10-minute detox to remove excess oil and environmental impurities Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK