This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil

0.5 kg

A blend of beautifully sourced natural oils for all over the body.

MODERN: Deep sleep night oil is a sumptuous non-greasy, easily absorbed body oil to help you relax after a long day. Soothing and calming to encourage a peaceful slumber.Ê With sleep deprivation such a huge issue in the modern world, deep sleep night oil is the perfect natural solution.

NATURAL: An expert blend of Provencal Lavender to help hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia with a fresh and sweet floral smell, Vetivert, known as the oil of tranquillity and Camomile brings peace and wellbeing, while antioxidant Grape Seed Oil is used for easy absorption and ability to lock in moisture.

BEAUTY: A soporific indulgence that helps lull you to sleep, feel relaxed, hydrated and gently fragranced after your night-time bath or shower.Ê This Works deep sleep night oil easily absorbs into skin and reduces the signs of ageing as well and promoting rested radiance.ÊÊ

Suitable for use during pregnancy. Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK