The East India Company Directors Green Tea Blend Sachets 20 per pack

0.5 kg

A blend of the finest green teas from China.

The London Tea Auction was a grand tradition that lasted 300 years. From the very first sale in 1679, to the last on 29 June 1998, it was a regular event that made London the centre of the international tea trade. The first auctions were held by The East India Company, which controlled the monopoly for the import of tea and other goods from the Indies.
The auctions were held at 'East India House' - The Company's headquarters on Leadenhall Street, London. Tea was sold 'by the candle' - wherein a candle was lit at the beginning of the sale of each lot. Upon an inch of the candle having burnt away, the hammer fell and the sale was ended, thereby ensuring the bidding didn't go on for an unlimited length of time. Records show, the best teas were kept for The Company's Directors and Shareholders a sign of outstanding quality and taste.
A delightful, delicate green tea for anytime of day Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK