Teisseire Sirop Passionfruit 0% Sugar 600ml

0.5 kg

- A uniquely crafted, high quality syrup made with real fruit and naturally filtered water from the French Alps.
- Enjoy the bold flavour of Teisseire without any sugar, for a low-calorie alternative that doesn't compromise on taste.
- Serve with sparkling or still water over ice or add a dash to cocktails and mocktails to give them a rich fruity twist.
- Perfect for picnics, parties and BBQs
- Also suitable for use in coffee and as a cooking ingredient.
- Made with natural fruit juices and natural flavourings.
- Dilute 1-part Cordial with 7 parts water
- 600ml per glass bottle; 48 servings per bottle
- Available in a wide range of flavours including Passion Fruit, Grenadine and Lemon. A selection of 0% Sugar options are also available including 0% Elderflower.
0% sugar, Simply add water, France no. 1
Country of Origin

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Typical Values Per 100 ml For 100 ml* of syrup diluted at 1+7
Energy 99 kJ 12 kJ
24 kcal 3 kcal
Carbohydrate 1,9 g <0,5 g
of which sugars 1,1 g <0,5 g
Salt 0,03 g <0,01 g
Contains negligible amounts of fat, saturated fat, protein
*100 ml of syrup diluted at 1+7 with water = 12.5 ml serving of syrup Country Of Origin: France