Surf Gems 30 Wash Violet & Wild Blossom Laundry Detergent 840g

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A laundry revolution is hereÑand it will leave your clothes looking, feeling and smelling incredible after every washing. The new Surf Gems are a sensorial laundry detergent unlike any other Surf laundry gems work by releasing their perfume in two unique ways: first the encaps technology slowly releases fragrance thought the day, giving a longer lasting freshness to your garments. Then, the encaps are designed to break during the handling of your garments, releasing a superior scent booster of perfume and freshness that lasts and lasts as they are broken. So not only do new Surf Gems brilliantly clean and leave an intense fragrance, but now it offers you a fragrance that lasts for up to 10 days after every wash!. This new laundry detergent is designed to delight you at every wash stage, with its unbeatable fragrance delivery versus all other formats, making laundry an enjoyable experience. It is also proven to be better than other leading products in the same category. Choose from its two exciting variants- Lily & Lotus Blossom, with a luxurious red fruity white floral fragrance and Violet & Wild Blossom, with a sensorial fresh oriental fragrance. Try Surf Gems for an incredible bloom that takes you through a fragrant laundry journey.
New laundry detergent gems leave your clothes looking, feeling and smelling uplifted and refreshed, A fully sensorial experience, washing with Surf Gems beautifully cleans, leaves bursts of floral fragrance and keeps your laundry fresh for up to 10 days, Each dose of Surf Gems is packed to bursting with beautiful fabric freshener that lasts and lasts and lasts, Washing Gems available in two invigorating floral fragrances: Lily & Lotus Blossom and Violet & Wild Blossom, SurfÕs laundry detergent gems dissolve in the wash to leave your clothes beautifully clean and brimming with fantastic fragrance, With scent booster and fabric freshener technology, Surf Gems give you an exceptionally fragrant clean every times
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