Surf 47 Wash Lavender & Jasmine Laundry Washing Liquid 1.645L 1.645L

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Surf Lavender & Spring Jasmine is the perfect combination of two iconic scents. Lavender's floral, sweet scent combined with its woody, pungent perfume is both stimulating and soothing and has been said to be used to freshen laundry since Roman times. Spring Jasmine's warm, comforting and sweet scent is fabled for its aphrodisiac qualities. Called the "Queen of the Night" in India, its fragrance is said to produce feelings of optimism and playfulness.
Surf Lavender & Spring Jasmine with its soothing fragrance is available in washing liquid, washing powder and washing capsules and is suitable for washing both colours and whites.
Surf's laundry range brings you the joy of fragrance, long after you've washed your clothes. With burst after burst of uplifting fragrance released right through your day, your laundry stays fragrantly fresh, with a brilliant deep clean you'll love.
Surf liquid is suitable for cold washes. It delivers excellent fragrance and brilliant cleaning, and can also be used for pretreating. To use Surf liquid effectively, pour into the dosing ball provided and then place this in the drum of your washing machine. Then add your laundry and start the wash. For the best results, use 35ml Surf liquid for standard loads (4-5kg) and soft/medium water. Use 52ml for larger or dirtier loads, and hard water.
For burst after burst of uplifting fragrance, A soothing, floral fragrance of Lavender and Jasmine, Beautifully clean laundry every time, Concentrated Liquid Detergent, Approved by Good Housekeeping Institute, Jasmine is called the ÒQueen of the NightÓ in India, its fragrance is said to produce feelings of optimism and playfulness
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