Spatone Liquid Iron Sachets 28 x 20ml

0.5 kg

Iron is an essential mineral for carrying oxygen around your body, helping maintain energy, normal cognitive function and a healthy immune system.

Spatone is scientifically proven to provide a highly bioavailable source of iron*. The iron is naturally occurring in water, so its readily and gently absorbed by your body and should cause fewer of the side effects associated with typical iron supplements, such as stomach irritation and constipation.
*Nelsons Nutritional Study - The Significant Impact of Spatone on Iron Levels, 2009

Taking Spatone helps you ensure you get your daily absorbed iron with fewer of the typical side effects associated with iron supplements.#
#Halksworth et al. 'Iron absorption from Spatone...' in Clin Lab Haem, 2003, 25 227-231
Gentle & easily absorbed, Helping reduce tiredness, Supporting a healthy immune system, Supporting normal cognitive function, 28 sachets one-a-day, Vegetarian Society approved
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Typical Values per sachet:
Iron (Fe2+) 5mg (36%)
NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
** The Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) is based on the relative bioavailability of iron from foods (absorption from foods varies from 5-15%)
However, the iron naturally present from Spatone¨ Liquid Iron has a high absorption (average 40%), which means taking a daily sachet as part of your diet should help meet your daily requirement Country Of Origin: United Kingdom