So Eco Powder Brush

0.5 kg

I am...
Made from recycled & sustainable materials that are compostable, recyclable & bio-degradable. My bristles are super soft & cruelty free.
My handle is made from bamboo, which is an ecologically sustainable material. My packaging is FSC approved board from managed forests. My window is made from corn starch. I'm held together using water based adhesives and printed using vegetable inks.
I am a true eco alternative, try me and you too, can be So Eco...
The world is a beautiful place, so let's keep it that way.

Powder Brush...
This brush is perfect for applying and setting face makeup as well as creating a great overall base.
Crafted with sustainable & recyclable materials, Responsibly and ethically sourced products, Unbelievably soft, Hand cut & trimmed, Suitable for liquid & powder, Cruelty free, Vegan & vegetarian friendly
Country of Origin
China Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: China