SKYN Extra Lubricated Condoms 10 per pack

0.5 kg

The Next Generation in Condoms
This isn't just a box of condoms. This is the latest in condom technology for a truly intimate sexual experience. Our Skynfeelª material is soft and comfortable, for the most natural fit and feel. You are holding a ticket to an experience of incredibly sensitivity, that allows you and your partner to feel everything. This isn't just a box of condoms. This it the closest thing to wearing nothing.

40% more* of long-lasting, ultra smooth and enhances the experience
*Compared to Skyn¨ Original

Made from Skynfeelª, a technology advanced non-latex material, which feels so soft and comfortable, that you'll find it barely noticeable

Each condom is electronically tested to meet highest standards of safety and reliability
Maximum comfort, Non-latex soft material, Electronically 100% tested, Straight shape (with teat end), Smooth texture, Strength of premium latex, Natural colour, Nominal width 53mm Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK