Seaspoon Seaweed Boost 30g

0.5 kg

Taste of the West Awards 2019, Gold.

Sea vegetables, better known as seaweed, are the leafy greens of the sea and recognised as a nutrient dense natural food. Now, thanks to Seaspoon, it's easy to incorporate this super-ingredient into your life. Plus, such big flavours mean you can cut down on salt!

The original Seaspoon blend, Seaweed Boost is a pouch of pure seaweed (sea spaghetti, dulse and sea lettuce/greens). A fuss free way to boost food with great taste and nourishment. Keep your resealable pouch as a go to seasoning/boost and add to your food as you go. Perfect for boosting smoothies and salads, marinades and mashes, rubs and roasts. A great way to flavour meals without using salt.

Seaspoon blends are responsibly produced with seaweed harvested from the cold Atlantic waters of carefully selected regions in Devon and Portugal. Seaweed is known to be a source of protein and is high in dietary fibre whilst being low in fat. Seaweed has a broad range of vitamins and minerals. It is iodine-rich, with a small amount supporting healthy metabolism and thyroid function. Seaweed can be a great addition to a meat free diet. Gluten and dairy free.
Wonderfood from the deep, Source of plant protein, High in fibre, Low in fat and sugar, Invaluable in a meat free diet, Gluten free
Country of Origin
United Kingdom Nutrition Value: Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 752kJ
Fat <0.5g
of which saturates <0.1g
Carbohydrate 18.1g
of which sugars 0.2g
Fibre 33.4g
Protein 10.4g
Sodium 2.08g Country Of Origin: United Kingdom