SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein Strawberry 908g

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SCI-MX ULTRA WHEY ProteinÊisÊa number 1 best seller. Formulated for performance athletes, but perfectly balanced for the everyday gym-goer. Our blend of high quality protein aids muscle recovery and growth, supporting you with your everyday active lifestyle. Probably the most advanced whey formulation available. Its foundation is a blend of the finest quality micro-filtered whey isolate and concentrate for faster increases in muscle size and strength.Ê

Designed to support and aid the body after a rigorous testing, whether that's in a group class at the gym, through weightlifting or sport, our quality protein gets to work fast, in order to repair torn muscle fibres.

With a delicious, creamy taste and textureÊULTRA WHEYÊis available in a variety of great flavours. Designed to be mixed with water, our protein powder shake can also be used in overnight oats, smoothies and more. Blend with banana and oats or add chia seeds & nuts dependant on your nutritional goals.Ê

Health Benefits:Ê

Contains natural immunoglobulins, no added sugar and is low in fat.Ê
Our formula is deliciouslyÊgluten freeÊandÊsuitable for vegetarians.Ê
Perfect for adding to your breakfast smoothie or overnight oats.Ê
High in calcium, which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, muscle function and neuro-transmission. OurÊULTRA WHEYÊblends are ideal for anyone looking to increase their protein intake, without compromise.Ê
Contains 3 quality sources of whey. Fast-acting whey protein from concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate. Eating a high protein diet contributes to muscle growth and maintenance, which is ideal for gym-goers, athletes and protein lovers to support their training goals.Ê
Optimal Protein Intake. Increase protein consumption without excess carbs and fat. OurÊULTRA WHEYÊhas a superior amino acid profile, whilst being low in carbs and fats. This blend is ideal for anyone looking to maximise performance and recovery.Ê
Country of Origin
Produce of the EU

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Nutritional InfoPer serving: Energy kJ 748Energy kcal 177Fat g 2.3g(of which saturates) g 1.2gCarbohydrates g 2.9g(of which sugars) g 1.7gFibre g 3.2gProtein g 35gSalt g 0.39gPer 100g: Energy kJ 1662Energy kcal 393Fat g 5g(of which saturates) g 2.7gCarbohydrates g 6.4g(of which sugars) g 3.9gFibre g 7.2gProtein g 77gSalt g 0.87g Country Of Origin: Produce of the EU