Optrex Actimist Itchy & Watery Eye Spray 10ml

0.5 kg

Optrex ActiMist Eye Spray* soothes itchy and watery eyes, caused by a disturbed lipid layer of the eye's film can be associated with pollen allergens or to other environmental factors (e.g. air conditioning).

Optrex ActiMist Eye Spray:

Repairs the eye's natural protective moisture barrier to reduce moisture loss
Can produce significant improvements in lipid layer thickness and tear film stability
Clinically proven to provide relief for up to 4 hours*
Convenient and easy to use:
No need to put anything directly in or touch the eye
Doesn't smudge make up
Bottle contains up to 100 applications and no need to throw the bottle away after 28 days like many treatments (can be used up to 6 months after first opening)
Suitable for use with contact lenses
*itchy and watery eye symptoms due to disturbed lipid layer of the tear film.

Itchy and watery eyes, Fast and longing relief, Clinically prove, Sprays directly onto closed eyelids, Stabilises the eye's natural tear film, Soothes and protects, Suitable for daily use and use with contact lenses Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK