NIVEA Shaving Gel Deep Clean Shave with Black Charcoal 200ml

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NIVEA MEN Deep Shaving Gel 200ml - The perfect shave.

NIVEA MEN Deep Shaving Gel, with its deep cleansing formula, has been designed to remove dirt and residue while shaving. The gel is enriched with Black Charcoal which acts as a powerful anti-bacterial that deeply cleans your skin leaving your face and body feeling refreshed. The Black Carbon formula softens stubble before shaving and acts as a gliding shield, allowing the razor blade to cut ultra close to the skin, gliding effortlessly.

Method of application: Begin by cleansing your face with luke arm water before dispensing a small amount of the cleansing shaving gel onto your palm. Massage the gel directly on the skin, allowing it to soften the hair before shaving. Suitable for face and body shaving.Deep cleansing shaving gel leaves nothing but clean, smooth and cared for skin.

Product benefits:

Clean Shave - cleans skin for a smooth razor glide

Black Charcoal Formula - deeply cleanses your skin

Ultra Glide - guarantees an ultra close shave

0% Alcohol - no burning or irritation

Black Charcoal - Our men's shave gel enriched with Black Charcoal has been specially designed to prepare hair and skin for a close and comfortable shave. Cleans Skin - The Deep Black Charcoal men's shaving gel acts as a facial cleanser by removing dirt and residue, preparing the skin for superior razor glide. Anti-Bacterial - The anti-bacterial formula protects the skin and gives a long-lasting feeling of cleanliness while strengthening the skin's natural barrier. Method of Application - Simply dispense the desired amount of sensitive pre-shave gel onto your palm and massage directly on cleansed skin before shaving.

Leaves nothing but a clean feeling, Removes dirt and residue from skin, Prepares the hair for a close and extra comfortable shave Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK