NIVEA Body Lotion Mousse Moisturiser Smooth 200ml

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NIVEA Body Mousse Smooth - Intensive moisturising care.

For the first time, NIVEA has captured its caring Shea Butter and NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum in a creamy yet light body mousse - providing intensive moisturising care whilst being easy to apply and fast absorbing. The delicate mousse provides up to 48 hours of deep* moisture to rehydrate dry skin and leave it smooth and soft. Infused with NIVEA DEEP MOISTURE SERUM and precious Shea Butter, the rich and creamy formula deeply hydrates and cares for your skin, with no sticky skin feeling.

How to apply: Simply shake the bottle and dispense the mousse either into your hand or directly onto your skin and rub in for immediate relief from dry skin that lasts for up to 48 hours.Ê

The Product details:Ê

Shea Butter

48h Moisture

Airy Mousse

No ParabensÊ

200ml Bottle

*upper layer of the epidermis.

Airy Mousse - Our luxurious dry skin moisturiser is light and delicate. The skin serum formula melts into the skin providing intensive moisturising care. Rich & Creamy - The rich and creamy yet fast-absorbing Shea Butter moisturiser offers 48 hours of moisture and hydration with no sticky skin feeling. Shea Butter - Our deeply nourishing moisturiser for women contains precious Shea Butter which is a powerful natural moisturising remedy for dry skin.

Method of Application - Shake the bottle well, hold upright and dispense a small amount of the Shea moisture mousse onto the skin for noticeably softer skin.

The rich and creamy yet fast-absorbing mousse formula melts into the skin, Intensively nourishes for noticeably smoother skin from the first application, Moisturises your very dry skin for 48h, No sticky skin feel
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Germany Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK