Nishiki Rice Musenmai 1kg

0.5 kg

Premium Medium Grain Milled Rice

Nishiki musenmai is a tasty white rice specifically milled so that no rinsing is required. To ensure the great flavour abd texture of the rice, add a little more water than normally used for Japanese rice.

Just add water using new milling technology, Perfect for sushi rice, Kosher - ORC
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Suitable for freezingSuitable for vegetarians Nutritional Value: Typical Values per 100g (uncooked)
Energy kJ 1490
Energy kcal 350
FatÊ(g) 0.6
of which saturatesÊ(g) 0.2
CarbohydratesÊ(g) 79
of which sugarsÊ(g) <0.5
FibreÊ(g) 1.4
ProteinÊ(g) 6.6
SaltÊ(g) <0.01 Country of Origin: UK