Nimble Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner Travel Size 60ml

0.5 kg

Nimble Milk Buster makes cleaning milky residues on bottles and teats easier than ever. With just a squirt, milk fat and proteins are gently detached from plastic, and completely gone within 30 seconds. Our plant-based formula makes it completely safe to use and also has clever odour-fighting technology so your baby bottles will never smell of old milk again.

The special spray design makes cleaning those nooks and crannies in bottles, teats, sippy cups, utensils and breast pumps quicker than ever.
An easier way to clean baby bottles on-the-go, Handy travel size - perfect for changing bags and carry-on luggage, Powered by plant-based ingredients, Free from chemical nasties, Works on both formula and breast milk, Fragrance free
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United Kingdom Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK