Neutral 0% Sensitive Baby Bath & Wash Gel 250ml

0.5 kg

Bathing your baby has never been easier with our caring baby bath gel . Designed with your baby's sensitive skin in mind, the baby bath wash will leave your baby clean and fresh.

Neutral 0% Baby Bath and Wash Gel is a mild and moisturising , but effective, bath gel specially designed to care for your baby.

The Bath & Wash Gel is a gentle baby wash, that is suitable for daily use. The 0% perfume, colourant and paraben formula helps to clean your baby's skin, whilst helping reduce the risk of skin allergic reactions and irritation.

Less irritation and less reactions mean less tears. The sensitive baby bath wash will give your baby comfort and protect them from harsh chemicals.

For best results, use the baby bath wash gel with our Neutral 0% Baby Hair Shampoo and to lock in moisture after your baby's bath, use our Neutral 0% For Sensitive Skin Baby Cream or Baby Oil.

With our 0% baby range, you can have the peace of mind, knowing that your baby is being looked after by our great products.

Neutral 0% baby bath products are endorsed by the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, giving you the assurance that our products have been tested thoroughly and fully checked to give you only the best.
Specially developed for sensitive skin, Contains 0% perfume, 0% colourants and 0% parabens, Dermatologically tested and approved, Gentle enough for everyday use, Helps reduce the risk of skin allergic reactions and irritation, Very gentle on your baby's skin
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