Natoora Pink Fir Potatoes 500g

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Natoora Pink Fir Potatoes

- We source this French variety of potato from a specialist producer in Kent who farms on the Morghew Estate, an ancient parkland with rich, fertile soil.Ê

- Pink Fir potatoes are an old French heritage fingerling variety dating back to the mid-19th century.Ê

- With a light pink skin and firm creamy flesh they can have quite a knobbly appearance.Ê

- Their waxy texture makes them a delicious salad potato with a nutty, earthy flavour.Ê

- A versatile variety, they lend themselves well to roasting, boiling and mashing.Ê

- Grown direct in the soil, this variety has natural protection from weeds and disease due to its good covering of foliage.Ê

- Best roasted with their skins on for maximum flavour.

Take it further

- Roasted with whole stalks of rosemary and olive oil.Ê

- Mashed, fold in spring greens and parsley.

Natoora's radical approach to seasonal sourcing is shaping the future of food

- We are revolutionising the food system.Ê

- We work direct with growers who value flavour, biodiversity and heritage over yield.ÊÊ

- We give them the support they need to build a better future for food, rooted in small scale, sustainable agriculture that gives back to our planet.

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