Nanology Fruit & Veg Savers 3 per pack

0.5 kg

Double or Triple storage life of fruit, veg and salads by placing in your ÊFridge, Storage Boxes, or Fruit-Bowl. Ê

Our favourite fruits, vegetables and salads emit ethylene gas as they ripen. This harmless gas speeds-up the decaying process.Ê

Fruit & Veg Savers absorb Ethylene gas - dramatically slowing the rate at which produce goes off.Ê

These discs are completely safe, non-toxic, organic and can be fully re-cycled. Simply place one in each of your fridge drawers, in storage containers, or in the bottom of your fruit bowl and stop throwing out spoiled produce, and start saving money.

*As used by Organic Farmers

*Each disc lasts 3 Months

*Pack of 3 Discs Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK