Nando's Lemon & Herb Seasoning Rub 25g

0.5 kg

Nando's Lemon & Herb Peri Peri Rub is a delicious seasoning of garlic, herbs and spices with Peri Peri to flavour your meat. Peri Peri is an especially fiery little African Bird's Eye Chilli that evokes a level of passion that is inversely proportionate to its size. Possibly the world's smallest chilli, it generates the world's warmest reaction, and is the famous ingredient that has made Nando's chilli sauce so successful across the world.

What tastes amazing with our zesty Lemon & Herb Peri Peri rub? We say chicken (then again, we would). Truth is, this Nandos rub works well with almost any meat or fish, especially on the bbq. Simply rub onto poultry, meat or fish before grilling, roasting or cooking on the bbq, adding flavour, zest and a gentle dash of heat to any meal.
Instant flavour, Shared with love, No looking back, Perfect for the oven, grill or barbecue, Chilli rating - extra mild, No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

Suitable for vegetarians Nutritional Value: Typical Values Per 100 g Per Serving
Energy 1250 kJ / 313 kJ /
295 kcal 74 kcal
Fat 2.3 g 0.6 g
of which saturates 0.3 g 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 64.3 g 16 g
of which sugars 52.8 g 13.2 g
Protein 2.5 g 0.6 g
Salt 18.1 g 4.5 g Country of Origin: UK