My Expert Midwife Baby No Harm Bum Balm 30ml

0.5 kg

Most babies experience nappy rash at some point, if not regularly, which can mean soreness, redness and irritation. Designed by midwives, our 100% natural, ultra-smooth serum takes care of the delicate skin on your baby's bottom. This rich but simple nappy cream provides gentle, effective relief and protection, and can also help to prevent skin damage and soreness.

Many other nappy creams and ointments are quite thick. They take a lot of rubbing-in, which really doesn't help if a baby already has painful nappy rash. That's why we've formulated No Harm Bum Balm to glide smoothly onto your baby's bottom without dragging which also makes nappy changes less challenging for both upset babies and frazzled parents!

Keep No Harm Bum Balm in your babyÀs changing bag and use it as part of your baby's daily skincare routine, right from birth. Don't forget to add it to your hospital baby bag checklist, or ask for it for your baby shower!

- Use at each nappy change, after baby's bath or whenever you want to top up

- Rich but thin serum is easy to smooth on

- Makes nappy-changing faster and less of an ordeal

- One-handed dispenser helps when you're managing a wriggling or crying baby

- Since baby's poo gets everywhere, it's more hygienic not to put your fingers in a tub

- A little goes a looong way!

100% Natural Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK