Mussini Rose' Wine Vinegar 250ml

0.5 kg

Mussini Rose' Wine Vinegar Ð a very special dressing, this is made from the finest Trebbiano white grapes, matured wine vinegar and Lambrusco dark grapes.Ê Delicate with a sweet and sour flavour to tantalise the taste buds.

Mussini Rose' Wine Vinegar Ð ideal for salads, cooked and raw vegetables, steamed or fried fish, white meats, shellfish and cheese.

Mussini Ð skilfully combining ancient traditions with contemporary innovation in order to evolve and keep up with the demands of todayÕs savvy foodies, the Mussini brand is a master in the art of balsamic vinegar. This is the balsamic vinegar of choice Ð borne out of a passion for the local Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes of Modena, the secret is to leave the must to ripen for years. The wait is worth it!Ê Each and every one of the Mussini balsamic vinegars enhance all kinds of dishes, from starters right through to desserts.Ê ÊÊ

Additionally, Mussini also produces dresses, glazes and fabulous tomato sauces. With tomatoes carefully selected in Emilia-Romagna, just a handful of ingredients go into the gourmet sauces that firmly nod to the homemade sauces of the past.ÊÊ


Why Just Gourmet Foods loves Mussini and its productsÉbalsamic vinegar has a place in every kitchen but until we discovered Mussini, we hadnÕt given it the respect it really deserves. ItÕs shown us how important, versatile and multi-faceted this condiment can be. Beautiful, distinct flavours, all combining tradition, passion and originality, we know Mussini will appeal to the sophisticated and demanding palate.ÊÊ

Why we think youÕll love Mussini and its productsÉif you value high quality ingredients and you have anÊ experimental streak, then MussiniÕs balsamic vinegars are a shopping list must have. Each one can add so much to so many dishes and courses. Unquestionably, these are some of the very best balsamic vinegars, dressings and glazes available. The tomato sauces are also super scrumptious!

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Suitable for vegetarians Nutritional Value: Typical Values per 100g
Energy kJ 1397
Energy kcal 328
FatÊ(g) 0
of which saturatesÊ(g) 0
CarbohydratesÊ(g) 78.7
of which sugarsÊ(g) 78.7
FibreÊ(g) 0
ProteinÊ(g) 0
SaltÊ(g) 0.07 Country of Origin: UK