Minky Smart Fit Reflector Ironing Board Cover

0.5 kg

The Minky Smart Fit Reflector ironing board cover has been designed to fit perfectly on all standard sized ironing boards. This Ôone size fits allÕ cover can be fitted with ease and speed. The super tight, pre-tensioned elasticated edging ensures a perfect fit on all boards up to 125 x 45cms. Designed with a metallic surface pattern which reflects heat back through the fabric for faster crease removal. The luxuriously thick felt backing provides a super smooth ironing surface to optimise your ironing comfort. Minky ironing board covers are manufactured in the UK to a high quality production standard.

Fits all standard boards up to 125 x 45cm

Fits in seconds - super tight, pre-tensioned elastic

Faster crease removal

Heat reflective metallic pattern

Smoother ironing surface - thick felt backingÊ

Made in the UK Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK