Metaltex Jar & Bottle Grip Opener

0.5 kg

Perfect for jar lids and bottle tops that just won't budge. The Metaltex jar and bottle opener has a tough plastic body and rubber gripping strip, with openings for large and smaller lids. The body itself is flexible, so can tightly adjust to the majority of lid sizes. To use simply clamp around a jar lid or bottle top, squeeze the handles together with one hand, whilst stabilising the jar with the other and make a twisting motion. Making the seemingly impossible task of opening jars much easier. ÊThis product may also aid arthritis sufferers, or those with impaired dexterity.Ê

* Size: 18.5 cm

* Twist opener for jar lids and bottle tops

* Ideal for lids that are extra tight or difficult to grip

* Fits most sizes of common jars and bottles

* Tough plastic body and with rubber gripping strip

* Can also aid arthritis sufferers Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK