MasterClass Smart Space Utensil Set 5 per pack

0.5 kg

The set includes a silicone ended turner, slotted turner, pasta server and baking spoon, all resting inside a potato masher with the help of the numbered, magnetised handles. Each utensil features a soft-grip silicone handle for maximum comfort, with nylon heads that are heat-resistant up to 260¡C. So you can sure you are getting products that offer innovative space-saving solutions, with no compromise to quality.

1 x Potato MasherÊ

1 x Slotted TurnerÊ

1 x TurnerÊ

1 x Pasta Serving SpoonÊ

1 x Long Handled SpoonÊ

Soft-grip Silicone Handles withÊ

Stainless Steel Numbered Magnet Handles Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK