Masterclass Smart Ceramic Roasting Pan 41cm

0.5 kg

Set a precedent with your roasting, using this heavy-duty oven pan and dual action lid from the MasterClass Smart Ceramic series. Every inch of these two roast pans has been engineered for exceptional results: from their aluminised steel interiors which offer reliable, consistent heat transfer to their double-layered, ceramic-reinforced non-stick coatings, which ensure flawless food release and effortless cleaning, every time. Fit the pieces together to lock in moisture for mouth-wateringly tender roast meat. Or, use independently. The lid performs outstandingly as a second baking sheet, when you really need that additional space.

The results are truly remarkable. Meat just falls off the bone. Roasted vegetables are no longer an afterthought but a highlight of dinner, and it couldn't be easier to get meat juices for a show-stopping signature gravy.

Combined size: 41 x 31 x 10.5 cm

Depth of baking tray: 2.5 cm

Depth of roasting tin: 8 cm

Suitable for freezing Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK