Masterclass Smart Ceramic Folding Cooling Rack 35cm

0.5 kg

Set a precedent with your baking, using this heavy-duty folding rack from the MasterClass Smart Ceramic bakeware collection. Achieve chef-grade cooking, when used alongside the Smart Space roasting pan (MCCER03) or the large baking tray (MCCER07).Ê

Every inch of this roasting rack has been engineered for exceptional results. Its aluminised steel core heats quickly and evenly for consistent heat transfer, whilst the slotted design permits rapid, even cooling for piping hot cakes and bread, as well as joints of bubbling, roasted meat. The rack will hold onto its contents when you need it to and release it when you donÀt, thanks to the double-layered, ceramic-reinforced non-stick coating, which ensures flawless food release and effortless cleaning, every time.

The results are truly remarkable. Cakes keep their shape and take on a soft, springy texture. Gooey brownies get their iconic chewy crunch. Meat joints roast beautifully, lifted away from the excess fat thatÀs crying out to be turned into thick gravy, or drizzled over seasonal vegetables.

35 x 22 cm Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK