MAM Silicone Cross Cut Bottle Teats 6+ Months 2 per pack

0.5 kg

Scientifically Proven
Teamwork for maximum safety: Only after an OK from our Med-Experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.

MAM Teat
The MAM Silk Teat¨ makes switching between breastfeeding and bottle especially easy. Thanks to its silky soft silicone surface that feels so familiar.

Proven effect: 94% of babies accept the MAM Silk Teat¨.*
(* Market research 2009-2014, tested with 1349 babies)

Silk Teat¨
Patented silky soft silicone surface - for a familiar drinking feeling

Symmetric Shape
Always fits perfectly in baby's mouth

Air Valve
Prevents the teat form collapsing
Allows for an even drinking flow

MAM teats fit all MAM bottles and the Trainer. They are suitable for all kinds of baby drinks.
The MAM teat is available in five different flow rates:
1 Slow flow 0+ Months
2 Medium flow 2+ Months
3 Fast flow 4+ Months
Spill -free, fast flow 4+ Months
Extra fast flow for thicker liquids 6+ Months
Proven effect: 94% of babies accept the MAM silk teat, Easy switch between breastfeeding & bottle, BPA free, Scientifically proven, Mother & Baby Awards 2007/8 Gold - award for excellence Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK