Lynx Excite Shower Gel 400ml

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Lynx was introduced to the UK in 1985. The first body spray to be launched as a stand-alone brand, Lynx originally came in three fragrances: Amber, Musk and Spice.
Since then, the Lynx Institute of Attractiveness has created dozens of great fragrances, all designed to give our customers the edge in the mating game.
And not only has our portfolio developed significantly, into anti-perspirant, stick, roll on and shower gels, but we now offer a female fragrance and most recently weÕve launched into hair styling and shampoo products to helps guys get the look that getÕs the girls, and letÕs not forget that the brand is now established itself as the UKÕs leading male grooming brand
A great day starts with a great shower and thereÕs no greater shower than a Lynx shower. You might not conquer the world after it but youÕll feel like you can. WeÕve also got a full range of grooming products that can help you be the man you want to be today.
Lynx Excite men's shower gel with a fragrance so tempting that even angels will sin for its heavenly masculinity. Get the right level of clean for all your parts with Lynx Manwasher. If shower gel gets in your eyes, rinse them with warm water. Avoid eyes and other sensitive areas.
Lynx Excite keeps you feeling revitalised, A bodywash and showergel leaves you feeling clean and fresh, A mens shower gel and body wash with an addictive, woody fragrance and a hint of sweetness, Squeeze out the body wash and cleanser and lather on body rinse off be clean, A refreshing shower gel dermatologically tested, A mens bodywash to supercharge your style and kick-start your day
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Germany Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK