Lynx Africa & Marmite Duo Giftset

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Know someone who loves Marmite? And loves Lynx Africa? YouÕre about to make their day. When these two legends link up, you get the unstoppable force of a great smelling bodywash and body fragrance.

The Lynx Africa & Marmite Duo Gift Set is the perfect stocking filler for ALL the lovers. Containing two full-size Lynx Africa & Marmite products, it brings together the rugged umami flavour of Marmite with the one-and-only scent of Lynx Africa. It also might help in keeping the haters at armÕs length. So, gift the ultimate in duos this Christmas and make that special someone's morning routine that little bit more interesting.

At Lynx, we know that weÕve all been there. Been told that a Ôreal manÕ has to behave a certain way. YAWN. These outdated masculinity stereotypes might have been the norm decades ago, but times have changed. ThatÕs why this set teams Lynx Africa Bodywash with Africa Bodyspray, but this time they've joined forces with Marmite to create a new twist on all-day freshness. Nobody will be expecting this gift, for sure.

The Lynx Africa & Marmite Duo Gift Set may well be the answer to a question nobody asked. But one thingÕs for certain, weÕve created an absolute winner! Buying Christmas gifts has never been easier.
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