Lynx Africa Body Spray Deodorant Aerosol 150ml

0.5 kg

Lynx Africa Bodyspray 150ml is part of the lynx male grooming range and has been our best-selling bodyspray for over a decade. An exotic mixture of warm African spices and aromas, this classic fragrance will give you a real presence. A few quick sprays is all you need for a lasting, great smelling fragrance that makes a lasting impression. Stay fresh all day with 48hr odour protection.

How to use it.
Shaking the can well and holding it 15cm away from your chest and body, spray in a well-ventilated area for great protection from style threatening odour. Whatever the occasion, it lasts all day long. Avoid contact with your eyes and broken skin.

Want more?
Now available as a 48 hour Anti-Perspirant, this classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool and dry no matter where the heat's coming from. Boost your sweat protection with Lynx Africa Anti-perspirant 150ml and try it alongside our Lynx Africa Bodywash 250ml. Why not also try Lynx Daily Fragrance, a sophisticated every day fragrance for men? Use daily by spraying on neck and wrists. Refresh your style with Lynx Signature, and Urban, Ice Chill Daily Fragrance 100ml. Also, available as a travel size mini deodorant 35ml.
Lynx Africa Bodyspray Deodorant will leave you smelling fresh all day, With 48 hour odour protection for all-day freshness, With a fragrance of warm African spices and aromas, To keep you feeling and smelling your freshest, use with Lynx Africa anti-perspirant and shower gel, Shake aerosol can, spray on underarms and body for all-day protection, Sweating is no longer a problem, stay smelling great with Lynx deodorant spray
Country of Origin
United Kingdom Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK