Love Boo Maternity Natural Stretch Mark Oil 100ml

0.5 kg

Love Boo's 100% natural, award-winning, Super Stretchy Miracle Oil contains the most luxurious and super-effective ingredients for stretchmark-prone skin. Made here in the UK, it contains argan oil to improve elasticity, firm, nourish and help stop stretchmarks forming or reducing the appearance of those already there. Passionflower soothes and restores suppleness. ItÕs light, non-greasy and sinks into the skin in seconds. Apply all over the body to keep skin moisturised, even out skin tone and help keep skin smooth and supple. Naturally scented with ginger, peppermint and lemon extracts.Ê

Key product highlights:Ê

Argan oil and passionflower extractsÊ

Sinks in almost immediately, with no oily residueÊ

Helps treat stretchmarks and uneven skin tone.

100% natural and made in the UK


Safe for use when pregnant, breast-feeding and beyond.Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Not tested on animals


Suitable for vegetarians Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK