Harvey Nichols Vesper Martini Cocktail 100ml

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Vesper Martini was invented by author Ian Fleming for the first outing of his
character James Bond in the 1953 novel Casino Royale. ItÕs become a classic;
the initial sip providing the same exhilarating thrill that the opening scene
of a James Bond film does. And it still remains the most famous drink order
in history.

The Harvey Nichols Vesper Martini Cocktail is handcrafted using Portobello
Road Gin (made a short walk across LondonÕs Hyde Park from the birthplace of
Ian Fleming in Mayfair and his later home on Ebury Street in Belgravia), Fair
Vodka (Bond preferred potato-based vodka, but times are changing so weÕve
gone with quinoa), Lillet Blanc (to replace the sadly discontinued Kina
Lillet), and a dash of lemon oils. All of which have, of course, been:
Òshaken, not stirredÓ.Country of OriginUK Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK