Harvey Nichols Espresso Martini Cocktail 125ml

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to the future of cocktails. A pre-made Espresso Martini so awesome, so rich
and so frothy, itÕs as if a bartender had mixed it in front of your very

Small enough to easily fit in the fridge, this cute metal bottle contains a
single-serving mixture of premium vodka, cold brew coffee and FairÕs
exquisite CafŽ Liqueur, made with Fairtrade Mexican beans. ThereÕs nothing
weird, no preservatives and no widgets; just a little bit of air in the top
so that when you shake it, a full and frothy head is produced. The result is
a bar-quality cocktail at home, without all that clackety noise and without
having to make sure your ice cube trays are full, you have all the
ingredients and you can find the cocktail shaker.

In the 1980s, a customer famously asked London bartender Dick Bradsell for
a drink that would both wake her up and... umm, how shall we put this without
using an obscenity?... intoxicate her quite a lot. He obliged by creating the
Espresso Martini. Due to our booming coffee culture, this cocktail exploded,
and the UK now consumes more Espresso Martinis per capita than probably any
other country on Earth. Now, thanks to this revolutionary Harvey Nichols
Espresso Martini Cocktail, it has never been easier to enjoy this favourite
national pastime.Country of OriginUK Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK