Grumpy Mule Organic Sumatra Coffee Beans 227g

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Fairtrade & organic.
Distinctive coffees.
A really smooth, full-bodied coffee with a chocolaty finish.
Chocolaty and dark earth.
Strength - 4.
Organic Sumatra wholebean coffee.
The Fairtrade-certified, KBQB Co-operative is based around the highlands of Takengon in the province of Aceh and has over 6000 small-holder members. This organically grown coffee is our best seller and makes a fantastic after-dinner coffee; perfect with or without milk.
Grumpy Mule coffees are sourced from farmers and co-operatives who are passionate about the quality of their coffee.
What makes a truly great cup of coffee?
Is it the aroma, flavour, freshness or something more than that? Here at Grumpy Mule we also get excited about the uniqueness, variety and seasonality that only quality Arabica coffees can provide and that's something we hope you'll share with us today.
So, let the coffees speak for themselves.
Grumpy Mule is: Traceable, Ethical, Sustainable and Arabica
Our Fairtrade¨ & Organic certified coffees are the heart and soul of the farming communities, where small-holder producers and their local co-operatives generate income for coffee families and help to support the wider community.
Fairtrade¨ provides a better deal for producers in developing countries, creating opportunities for farmers and workers to improve their lives, their communities, provide education and to protect their environment (
This partnership helps coffee growing communities to re-invest for the future, and by using organic, sustainable farming methods it ensures that the coffee is tended with great care and the quality of each harvest continues to develop.
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Indonesia Agriculture
Packed in a protective atmosphere.
EU Organic
Fairtrade & organic, Distinctive coffees, A really smooth, full-bodied coffee with a chocolaty finish, Chocolaty and dark earth, Strength - 4
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Organic Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: Indonesia