Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Ground Coffee 227g

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About this Coffee
These beans are grown straddling Huila and Tolima departments, in the foothills of Colombia's highest volcano, Nevada del Huila. Up in the mountains, here, everything is a little bit darker. They might be washed in the mountain waters and sun dried - but it's too late. That deep flavour is already in. You don't have to sit in a room with the curtains drawn to enjoy it, but dang, why not? Might just be the best way to experience how the gentle tang of red fruits and apple cuts through the hazelnut and caramel.
Organic, Fairtrade, Strength - It will kick you this hard - 4, Colombia, ground, brooding, For those who like the darker side of life, Carried from Santa Rita, Huila, Planadas, Tolima, Colombia, With tastes of hazelnut, caramel, red fruits & apple, This bag is full of ground coffee
Country of Origin

Organic Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: Colombia