Grumpy Mule El Salvador Ground Coffee 227g

0.5 kg

About this coffee
How Special?
How about selected high altitude lots as a world exclusive for the Mule by the farmer Fernando Aguilar & his father Juan (yes, really). How about with the Mule's approval at the farm? How about making a special commitment to the historical Bourbon varietal that made El Salvador coffees famous around the world, despite being lower yielding and harder to work with - just because it taste better? Yep, pretty special coffee, pretty special people
Strength - It will kick you this hard - 3 1/2, For those who dig the details, El Salvador, ground, special, Carried from Las Mercedes Estate, El Salvador, With tastes of Caramel, refined milk chocolate & red apples, This bag is full of ground coffee, Roasted with pride in Meltham, Yorkshire, Rainforest Alliance certified

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK