Green People Organic Eyeliner, Carbon Black, Vegan

0.5 kg

A natural eyeliner pencil with intense black mineral pigment.

Features & Benefits

- Perfect eye definition with long-lasting, blendable colourÊ

- Soft, glide-on formula with vitamin-rich Marula oil

- Waterproof & suitable for sensitive eyes

- Accentuates all eye colours

- Natural, organic & vegan eyeliner

- Concentrated formula: a little goes a long way

Application Tips

Always use eyeliner after you've applied eyeshadow and before applying mascara.

By applying a light coat of powder eyeshadow onto your eyelids before applying eyeliner you provide another surface to cling to. If you want a light, natural look, apply on the inside edge of your eye.

OrganicSuitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK