FIJI Water Sports Cap - Case 12 x 700ml

0.5 kg

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In Fiji, tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock into an ancient underground aquifer. There's nothing on Earth quite like it.
FIJI Water Sports Cap is perfect for fitness and outdoor activities, Bottled at the source & free from human contact, Unique soft, smooth taste, Fits in cup holders, Sleek bottle shape with a custom sports cap for ease of hydration during workouts and on the-go

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Typical Values Typical analysis in mg/litre:
Silica 93
Calcium 18
Nitrates 1
Magnesium 15
Sulfates 1
Sodium 18
Bicarbonates 153
Potassium 5
Chlorides 9
pH 7.7
Dissolved Solids 180¡C: 222mg/l Country Of Origin: UK