Eylure Pro-Brow Black Dybrow

0.5 kg

The black Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow kit will allow you to achieve darker brows that are pefectly defined. Boasting a proven formula that will give you dark, glossy brows for up to six weeks, the set will allow you to tint your brows in the comfort of your own home with no need to visit a salon! Easy to use, the brow tint will give deep yet natural-looking colour.

How to use:

Cleanse your eyebrow with a non-oily cleanser and dry thoroughly

Prepare one eye at a time

Carefully spread a barrier cream such as petroleum jelly over the skin and around the eyelids, but avoid getting on the hairs to be tinted

Pierce the Dye Cream tube nozzle with the sharp end of the cap and squeeze approximately 2cm into the mixing dish; replace the lid immediately

Open the Activating Solution away from the face and add 5 drops to the mixing dish

Use the applicator to mix together to form a creamy consistency that does not drip

Once the Dye Cream and Activating Solution have been mixed, they should be used immediately

The colour of the cream may change but this will not affect the performance of Dybrow

Close the first eye and apply the cream mixture to the eyebrows using the mascara wand

If the cream touches the skin, wipe it off immediately with damp cotton wool

Leave the cream on your eyebrows for 1-2 minutes, keeping your eye closed throughout

With the eyelid still closed, use a damp cotton wool pad to gently wipe the excess mixture from the eyebrow using upwards strokes away from the eyelid

Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat on the other eye.

Country of Origin
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