Evian Still Mineral Water Kids 12 x 330ml

0.5 kg

On its 15-year journey through the French Alps, evian¨ Natural Mineral Water slowly but surely acquires a unique mineral balance. Its low sodium content and balanced mineral composition make it well suited for every member of the family. Bottled at the source, evian¨ remains completely untouched by man throughout the process, so you can enjoy its naturally pure and refreshing taste anywhere, any time.

When it comes to playing, kids never stop_ and any activity such as football, dancing, or games increases their need for hydration. So make sure your children stay healthily and hydrated throughout the day at school and at home. Bottle and cap 100% recyclable.
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Country of Origin
France Nutrition Value: Typical Values Composition in mg/litre:
Calcium Ca++ 80
Magnesium Mg++ 26
Sodium Na+ 6.5
Potassium K+ 1
Silica SiO2 15
Bicarbonates HCO3 360
Sulphates SO4- 14
Chlorides CI- 10
Nitrates NO3 3.8
Dry residue 180¡C: 345mg/L pH = 7.2 Country Of Origin: France