Elastoplast Waterproof XXL Dressing Plaster with Antibacterial Silver 5 per pack

0.5 kg

Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof plasters XXL are suitable for medium to large wounds, including after minor surgery.

Containing antibacterial silver, with a large, non-stick wound pad to ensure optimal healing, and to reduce the risk of infection, with silver recommended by experts for it's broad-spectrum antibacterial effect.

A waterproof flexible film makes the plasters ideal for washing, showering, bathing and swimming.

- Silver

-Waterproof film

- Large, non-stick wound pad

Reduces the risk of infection, Sterile, With antibacterial silver, Protects medium to large everyday cuts and grazes, Ideal for washing, showering and bathing due to transparent, flexible film and strong adhesion
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