Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters Pain-Free Removal 8s 8 per pack

0.5 kg

Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters offer the perfect balance between secure adhesion and 100% pain-free removal.

Specially designed to be skin-friendly, these plasters have been designed to minimise trauma and pain during plaster removal, whilst still ensuring reliable adhesion, even after re=positioning.

Using an extremely soft silicone adhesive, the plasters are painless to remove, and also leave the skin free from residue, no matter how long it has been on the skin.

Silicone soft plasters are suitable for after minor surgery.

100% pain-free removal, Hypoallergenic, Advanced plaster technology used by hospitals, Perfect balance of reliable adhesion & completely pain-free removal, Sticks securely even after being repositioned, Extra soft and very comfortable wound treatment, Suitable for fragile and sensitive skin, infants and elderly
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